29 Pieces

Nicole Communications has partnered with 29 Pieces, a Dallas-based arts non-profit organization focused on the creation of monumental art and change, for more than 10 years on a variety of public relations campaigns. Being a small organization, 29 Pieces wanted to establish itself as a well-known local arts non-profit organization, as well as highlight “MasterPEACE,” the core program of 29 Pieces consisting of a series of 14 project-based lessons that use the arts to teach children about peace and introduce them to the heroes of human rights.

Services Provided

Since 29 Pieces did not have a strong public relations background, Nicole Communications worked with the organization in order to build comprehensive PR strategies that helped elevate its brand and programs to key audiences locally, regionally and nationally. Browse the key services executed for 29 Pieces over the years!


  • Campaign Development
  • Media Contact Research, List Building & Outreach
  • Interview Coordination


  • News Releases
  • Media Alerts
  • Media Kit Materials
  • Interview Talking Points


  • Staff Training
  • Content Development
  • Editorial Consulting


Within a few years, Nicole Communications helped 29 Pieces build strong relationships with the community and various media personnel. I developed strategic communications plans and processes which resulted in international, national, regional and local media coverage for various projects and campaigns.

Dallas LOVE Project

In honor of the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kenney’s assassination, more than 10,000 pieces of art formed a chain of unconditional love around the City of Dallas. Created by the people of Dallas, this remarkable project helped redefine the city through a genuine outpouring of love.

Artists, organizers, sorters, trainers, installers, came together to work as one. Nicole Communication’s award-winning PR campaign to publicize this project led to 180+ million media impressions in local, national and internal publications such as The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, Metro UK, The National Post, Politico, the Los Angeles Times and more!

Artists Making a Kinder World Lessons

Since 2007, 29 Pieces has spearheaded its art-based curriculum that teaches social and emotional skills, and positive values to K-12 students in a peaceful, creative process. The curriculum includes many lessons led by 29 Pieces that has been taught in schools across the U.S.

Nicole Communications was tapped in 2010 to led strategic public relations outreach for the many curriculum lessons. Over the years, exposure for the lessons increased due to consistent media coverage secured in local, DFW media outlets and has helped 29 Pieces secure partnerships and grants to expand its curriculum lessons.

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